Tim Tebow, Alex Smith, Ryan Leaf highlight first-time candidates on College Football Hall of Fame ballot


Tim Tebow, Alex Smith and Ryan Leaf highlight the first-time candidates on the ballot for the College Football Hall of Fame, it was announced Monday. In all, there are 80 players and nine coaches from FBS, and 96 players and 33 coaches from the divisional ranks. How to watch NFR Live Stream 2022 Online. The Cowboy Channel will broadcast full 10-day performances live and simulcast on RFD-TV. In 2022, The Cowboy Channel (TCC).

26 May 1868 CE


Andrew Johnson in acquitted in his impeachment trial by one vote.



20 May 1964 CE: The discovery of the cosmic microwave background, a linchpin in the evidence supporting the Big Bang


It's not goodbye. There's an afterlife -- somewhere.



Sunday, by the blue, purple, yellow, red water On the green, purple, yellow, red grass Let us pass through our perfect park Pausing on a Sunday



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A Nice Sunday


Eriocottis fuscanella is a moth of the Eriocottidae family. It was described by Zeller in 1847. It is found in Italy and on Sardinia, Sicily and Malta.



"The Roast Beef of Old England" is an English patriotic ballad. It was written by Henry Fielding for his play The Grub-Street Opera, which was first performed in 1731. The lyrics were added to over the next twenty years. The song increased in popularity when given a new setting by the composer Richard Leveridge,[1][2] and it became customary for theatre audiences to sing it before, after, and occasionally during, any new play.

Friday 6/7/19 Morning Edition

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thursday evning


Women's teams competing this weekend in college ultimate nationals


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