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The Washington State Cougars, a podium finisher in last year's Cup due to the near-total lack of anything to do in Pullman besides get intoxicated and hit things, continue to excel at full-contact endeavors that do not involve football: Redshirt freshman Jamal Atofau was arrested Saturday for striking a 19-year-old coed in the course of a larger melee at an off-campus party. (Where does Washington State football hurt? Everywhere. Who does Washington State football hurt? Everyone.) Wazzu is kind of like the Boston College of the Fulmer Cup: You're probably never going to see them hoist the championship trophy, but their steady, measured production will always ensure them a place in the top half of the standings.

Elsewhere, Oklahoma State has public-intoxed its way onto the 2010 leaderboard thanks to the arrest of offensive tackle Nick Martinez early Sunday morning. And South Florida has finally parted ways with frequently troublesome running back Mike Ford, though because this is traceable to the always-fun "unspecified violation of team rules" and not an actual arrest (as far as we know, at least), the Bulls may or may not earn points toward a defense of their 2009 Cup title.

Fearless Leader will sign off on the awarding of any and all points upon his return. For now, that's about all we got, Cup-wise, unless y'all want to take bets on which program will be the first to earn points for being involved in finch fighting.