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--EDSBS Live will return tomorrow at 9 PM EDT, that's WEDNESDAY at 9 PM EDT. For tonight, however: HAWT HOLTZ ON HOLTZ AKSHUN.

--Florida missed practice today due to a thunderstorm, setting back their prep schedule for the week. Lightning hates Florida football. Also via Mr. Volin is the news of Deonte Thompson's frustrated pantomimes during the Miss State game, which if we're talking about next week after Georgia will mean we won't be seeing much of Mr. Thompson.

--SBNation Stream flurry: Iowa loses Adam Robinson for the year, Dez Bryant is still in limbo, and Jasper Howard's killer has been arrested.

--Lane Kiffin Whirlwind, Gamecock Variation: Clifton Geathers will not be pumping gas for the rest of this life according to Clifton Geathers who did not find anything Mr. Kiffin said about players who go to South Carolina funny especially because outside New Jersey no one has someone pump their gas for them anymore so you are calling me a robot and Clifton Geathers sir is no demon soulless robot.

--Cincy to start Zach Collaros again in place of the injured Tony Pike, who's trying to get used to a cast on his non-throwing arm. (Again.) (You're weak.) This would matter substantially, but the Bearcats are playing Syracuse on Saturday, so it won't.

--Yes, that is what it's like to lose to Texas A&M.