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Don't forget: it's Starkville, Jake.

Shit happens, but it rains elephant dung sideways for Florida in Starkville, where Florida has not won since 1985. 3rd and 57 happens there, and Dan Mullen is willing to endure whatever travails he has to in order to make that happen again. Even if it means eating the savage food these people prepare for him without complaint.

He said he went on such an intense monthlong speaking tour that at one point he ate catfish, hush puppies and cole slaw four consecutive meals.

The sacrifices made in the name of Mississippi State football know no end, padawan. Brandon Spikes is about 50/50 with a groin injury to play on Saturday, effectively meaning the County Assessor stays on the sidelines for the Miss State game. Gulp.

Do not feed them after midnight, either. Boise has very strict rules during its trip to Hawaii. First: they fly charter only, because commercials is for the poor peoplez. Second: they stay in Waikiki, where it's most ballingest. Third?

"No one is to go into the water,'' said Viliami Tuivai, the director of football operations.

Cause them oceans is mad dangerous, and the last thing the equipment manager wants to put on the pregame injury list is "Kellen Moore, QB, out (SHARKBITE)" Try 'splaining that to angry Hawaiian bookies, won't you?

At least it's not a service academy. Notre Dame! Beefing up its schedule with Western Michigan! When are they going to nut up and play a real team? Charleston Southern is ready and waiting when you are, sirs, though this year's Boston College team could count depending on which offense shows up, with your choices being the ACC version (actually scores) and the non-ACC version (wallows around on the field and dies.)

On further review both are equally spotty. Seriously, we're functioning on two cylinders at best this week. Apologies.

Not good. Yeah, this? Not real promising regarding CTE and the possibility that even college players could suffer from it.

Snitch, please. Witnesses in the Jasper Howard stabbing are being threatened online.