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Oh, why not. It is a ten minute video, but in just two minutes you can get the gist of it, and why the rich slice of fictional life that is Subcommandante Wayne is actually just life. The opening music and shots of underfed girls with breast implants/UFC guy/backwards Durst nightlife helmet may do it for you alone.

Not that he's wrong: numbers and pointy-headed graphs back up the "Yeah um sucks" verdict on Terrelle Pryor, as well. (Via BHGP.)

Mmm. This concerns Lane. Alabama denied Tennessee's request to wear orange jerseys on the road for the Third Fourth Saturday in October rivalry game with the Crimson Tide. Brag about stealing coaches, bitch, and we straight cripple your style options. Kiffin could take a 15 yard penalty to begin the game as his mentor Pete Carroll did against UCLA, but Kiffin's lack of proper commitment to a life of style refuses to let that happen. (Beauty hurts, darling.)

Provo, uncensored! (Meaning: just plain ol' Provo.) The signs this weekend should be awesome.

Tony Pike: more machine than human now. This is how it starts: first Tony Pike gets the cybernetic let wrist, then a metal hip, and before you know it he's screaming "NOOOOOOOO!" at the end of part three of the epic saga that takes the entire college football universe to a Cincinnati/Iowa national title game.

Puppets, cockfights, "Everybody Hurts." The House Rock Built has their latest puppet epic on the Notre Dame loss, and if you don't think Puppet Golden Tate enjoys a nice cockfight when life dashes his dreams, you'd be completely and totally wrong.