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The underworld holds a certain romance for some people. We do not mean the criminal underworld, but instead the literal one, like the one depicted in Jean-Luc Besson's movie Subway, where Besson took Jean Reno and made the poor man wear an Outback hat and safari suit while playing in the worst "rock music as the French imagined rock music in the 80s, and we don't mean Stereolab." It's a moment of extreme cruelty, and the sensitive may want to shield their eyes.

Subway follows the exploits of those living in the Paris Metro, a subculture of misfits, artists, social outcasts who do outrageously French things like walk around filthy sewers wearing avante-garde fashion and holding flourescent light bulbs for hours at a time. You're not really supposed to be down in les egouts, but that's the point, just like you're not supposed to be in alleys in Athens, Georgia. Okay, rephrase: just like you're not supposed to every come out of an alley in Athens once you go into said alley. There, that's better.

Georgia junior cornerback Vance Cuff was arrested Tuesday by university police on misdemeanor charges of having a suspended license and emerging from an alley.

We have no idea what Vance Cuff was doing going into an alley in the first place, but we can only assume it was to find his lost love, trapped by the cruel vagaries of poorly written civil code with the lovable, filthy outlanders who live in the alleys, forming terrible rock bands, making filthy love in the dumpster suites they've constructed from what "society" can't use, and smelling artfully horrible. If that is what he was doing, then fight on, Vance. You remain a lonely but brave voice for those afraid of paying the fifty, possibly seventy-five dollar fine to emerge from those alleys, in addition to the suspended license charge.

That charge doesn't matter either, though, right Vance? The courageous need no license for anything, something those people who see the sweet freedom of the sun every day won't understand like the alley people do. Keep up the fight, brother. One day the big men in City Hall will pay for what they've done, and they'll pass a law cutting through the bonds of alley-based prejudice as swift as a Jonathan Crompton pass through your secondary. Until that day, though: don't let the bastards grind you down, warrior.