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A historical distraction of great shamelessness. If you've never seen the infamous Gator Flop from the 1971 University of Miami/University of Florida game,'re ready for it now.

If you believed there weren't the seeds of a commitment to shameless excellence in the fecund soil of the Florida football program, the Flop is all the evidence you need to change your opinion. Excellent form on the get-down drill by the Gator D there, something almost as stunning as seeing Miami running the wishbone. (HT: ZZGator.)

Revenge is all in the timing. Nebraska is on a full-blown rampage this morning, a swath-cutting beginning last night with Ndamukong Suh ripping and killing at will against the Mizzou offensive line, and continuing with Corn Nation's well-timed publishing of what is now an ironic fan missive. If Nebraska runs out of corners at one point this season, Suh could drop back and probably provide acceptable coverage, so nimble a beast is he.

If Mizzou recovers from giving up 27 in the fourth quarter of a massive collapse against a regional rival, they will have Lazarusesque powers of recovery. They likely won't, especially with Blaine Gabbert now working on one good leg, but it's a nice thought, and we don't want to be negative in a time of trial for Mizzou there's no way they're recovering from this.

Summary: This photo does sum up the majority of the game last night if you missed it. So would the insane safety Nebraska gave up on one of the worst rugby punts you will ever see, given up when the punter rolled right, staggered, began falling, and then took a bellyflop while simultaneously flipping the ball out of bounds behind him. If you have footage of this, please send it to us so we can piss ourselves laughing (again.)

Operational: DT Lawrence Marsh and WR Deonte Thompson, both up and running (literally) for the LSU game after missing significant time due to injury. Thompson is important no matter who starts at qb, as he is Florida's number one option downfield as the designated coverage-stretcher and go-route bandit. The starting qb remains a mystery, though we'd bet hard cash on it being Tebow, since ultimately if all the physiological signs are back to baseline, the final determinant will be "How do you feel, Tim?" If that's the question, Tim will feel fine, even if he doesn't, and will roll in his magic bubble to Baton Rouge.

That doesn't ever really get old. BHGP and MGoBlog join forces to discuss the Michigan/Iowa game on the BHGP podcast, but we're linking it for the MGotPaid gif and you know it. There is a rumor Michigan will wear all white for the first time in the 21st century. WHY DOES RICH RODRIGUEZ HATE AMERICA???