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Hey, you know who would be an entertaining person to talk to in this time of great crisis and confusion in a football program? The wife of the coach. We bet that would go exceedingly well.

"I am angry," Ann Bowden said Monday. "I'm angry at some of our boosters that Bobby has worked for and supported, raised money for. And he's been such a top quality person, such great character and everything for this university. And for them to turn their back on him like that...I don't care if he is 80 years old ..."

Please remember that in the case of the Bowden family, the coach equals the program, something entirely separate from the school, and not really something tied to the school in any substantive way, like in the form of a library or some other non-footballin' related thing like that. You would be astonished by this if it hadn't been obvious from the second Mark Richt left the building in 2000 that the family came first, and not the family as defined in the corporate sense of "Florida State University."

Nevermind the "static in the system," Coach Bowden. We at EDSBS stand resolutely behind you and your thousand-year reign. For your next trick, we suggest appointing a young nephew recruiting coordinator. He'll do a bangup job, we're certain.