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Urban Meyer joins us for a quick interview.

Orson: Coach Meyer?


EDSBS: Thanks for joining us Coach Meyer. We want to start with a simple question: given the lackluster performance in the Tennessee game and the resulting ennui in the week after the game, and the shortcomings at receiver, and the mild panic over the offense's lack of production...


...and the possibility that the transition from Dan Mullen to Steve Addazio at offensive coordinator has robbed the Florida offense of much of its creativity, and the swine flu currently plowing its way through the roster, the nagging case of Achilles tendonitis making Brandon Spikes doubtful combined with the hamstring injury to Deonte Thompson, the possible overreliance on Tim Tebow in the run game...


...the ongoing letdown vibe from only beating Tennessee by ten points, the long trip to Lexington, the continuing improvement of Kentucky from basement dweller to consistent bowl team, the notion that Kentucky is going to give us the best shot they're going to give anyone this year, the presence of outstanding cornerback Trevard Lindley on the edge for the Wildcats, the foreboding example of USC losing to Washington last week,


...and all the other factors going into this game, are you concerned about a possible upset on the road for a number one team with plenty of issues of its own to work out on the road against a conference rival, Coach Meyer?


Urban Meyer: No.

Orson: Thanks for your time, coach.

Urban Meyer is a championship scowler and the coach of the Florida Gators, the current number one college football team in the nation. They play Kentucky this Saturday.