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New thread for second half. Kenny Chesney remains unfairly undevoured by wolves as of 8:40 p.m.


Orson, 8:39 p.m. NC State decides to actually play offense on first two downs. Dana Bible can't keep up this torrid pace, though. It would rob him of the opportunity to call a draw on every third and long.

Orson, 8:46 p.m.: South Carolina must be counting meth traffic to Georgia as "international business." To be fair, Waycross is a country unto itself.

Orson, 8:51 p.m.: Gamecocks left tackle is getting KILLED by WIllie Young. Just obliterated on every pass play.

Orson, 8:55 p.m.: This game is going to end 7-0.

Holly, 9:02: As if on cue, Rece Davis informs us the North Texas - Ball State tilt has racked up precisely the same score.

Holly, 9:05: Why, thank you, WolfWeb: You took the words right from our gaping, glistening maws:


Holly, 9:07: And there's the Garcia INT. He's got you right where he wants you, Wolfpack. (Related, in SpurrierVisorWatch: He's taken it off a couple times, but so far as we can tell has maintained a firm two-handed grip at all times. No hat contact with ground thus far.)

Holly, 9:10: You know what's a whale-lot of fun? Just cataloguing grievous errors instead of points and football plays. You better bring the thunder, Ducks. (...please?)

Orson, 9:16: Please note announcers are leaping over the SEC speed thing in explaining SC killing NC State's offense without a.) crediting NC State for killing SC's tackles all night, and b.) ignoring Dana Bible's shitty offense.

Holly, 9:25: Wait. WAIT. Somebody just said that somebody else was "coaching with excitement and passion tonight"? About THIS game?

Orson, 9:27: Russell Wilson is Jason Campbell minus good coaching.

Orson, 9:31: Don't complain, y'all. Tom O'Brien is just doing what TOB does: run out the clock down by 4.

Orson, 9:38: The 3 yard throw on 3rd and 11 just about sums up this entire offense, which should not be watched while driving or operating other heavy equipment.

Orson, 9:45: /startles from chair. What? No, wasn't sleeping. Not here. /wipesdroolfrom shirt

Orson, 9:46: This drive is all too appropriate: bad punt coverage, pass interference call, pass thrown into double coverage bobbled after double coverage gets blown. Sick donkey fight, continue!

Orson, 9:55: Liveblog on Boise will be LIVE for all the hardcore who made it through this shitheap. You've earned it.

Orson, 9:59: Spurrier's hair spontaneously recolored itself after that long pass. Another three like that and he'll look 42 again.

Orson, 10:02: Atrocity ended. Quick break before the quality entertainment, but kudos to Steven Garcia for pointing and flashing that rapscallion, shit-eating smile running off the field. See you in 15 for the night shift.