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Available soon in a gift shop that doesn't mind selling shirts full of copyright infringement: Josh heard our request for a "Three Holtz Moon" t-shirt, and like so much else on the internet, it simply came to be:


You live in an age of wonders, and do not forget it.

Just a knee, folks. He does have two of them. Jermaine Gresham has done something bad to his knee, and will likely not play against BYU, who Oklahoma will still paste by thirty points. The early read on the knee is vague, but the words "Anterior Cruciate Ligament" do not appear anywhere near this report. If you have a meniscus you'd like to donate to Jermaine Gresham, the University of Oklahoma athletic offices are ready when you are.

Jones, Ingram: cleared by the NCAA despite BEING ON A BOAT MOTHERFUCKER. Jones and Ingram must repay the cost of the Gulf Coast trip themselves, and all is well per the NCAA. Both will play against Virginia Tech, though Brandon Deaderick is a "probably will not play" after being shot in the arm. It's the "probably" in that sentence that gives it the whiff of being unmistakably badass, as in "Hey, if we really need him we can put in the guy who was shot this week."

Media Whoring, long form: We're on the Deadspin Podcast with Drew this a.m. doing the hater's guide to the top 25. Like many chickenshit Yankees who don't understand football or spicy living, he thinks Texas students surfing the elevators in Austin is a bad idea. In an even loopier appearance, we get extremely tangential with Dan Levy in the On the DL Podcast, where we ponder the delicious awkward of Tim Tebow's Hebrew and Muslim others. ("Mohammad al-Tebayii.")

Evil Richt is disappointed. There will be no pre-game handshake between Oklahoma State and Georgia, meaning no pre-game Dawg Dance Parties for you, Evil Richt and Trinton Sturdivant.