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EDSBS Live!, the unfiltered, slightly scripted, and altogether amateur cocktail hour for the masses, returns tonight at 9:00 p.m. This means you need to stop by the liquor store on the way home, and do so with some seriousness.

This marks the return of our four questions format for callers. This week's menu focuses on ACTUAL FOOTBALL BY DAMN, and on the games of our first week of college football.

1. Who will get the Flamenco Upset of week one? You know, the exotic rhythms of an upset a la Boise State/Oregon 2008, who rematch on the Smurf Turf in week one?

2. What is the Game of Most Importance? The answer may be for sheer spectacle the VT/Alabama game, but given the low-wattage offensive potential, the UGA/OSU game may end up being far more watchable. Neither has long-term conference implications, however, so think along those lines: which games will end up meaning more down the road?

3. Will you, brave East Coaster, stay up for the entirety of the Oregon/Boise State game? And if so, STIMULANT CHECK! Our zoinkfuel of choice will be a quadruple latte consumed sometime around 5:30 p.m. The only downside is when your wife has to get out the flashlight and pull you out of your crawlspace at 7 a.m. when you're holed up with 80 gallons of freshwater and MREs and waiting for "the vengeance of the God who comes."

4. Essential viewing item for in-game viewing. Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds. We could pour liquid smoke and salt directly into our mouths, but then we'd miss the possibility of consuming eight hundred calories in three minutes. Only the small can, or otherwise you'll hit the big can like an addict hits a tub of percocet, and then shit like a woodchipper at full roar for two days. Come near them, and we will gut you.

We'll post the link to the chat forum and broadcast at the EOB here.