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Perhaps still miffed at being upstaged on GameDay by Puddles, the Harley-riding, ass-kicking mascot who works offseasons in full regalia as a Northwestern smokejumper, Kirk Herbstreit allegedly said this on College Football Live regarding the Oregon football program on Wednesday.

"Ducks are the college football version of Paris Hilton…they’re famous for no reason, they look pretty and they got a rich daddy."

That's a big alleged, since it comes off a "hey I heard that on College Football Live" bit no one has captured, and a nice orange man from Ohio really wouldn't say that, would he? It is also inaccuarate. Oregon is 42-25 in the Pac-10 in this millennium, good for second in the Pac-10and has only been caught performing oral sex on tape once during the 2006 Las Vegas bowl in a humilating 38-8 loss to BYU. Oral may be moral, but not in a brutal, extramarital case like this, even if it was in Las Vegas.