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12 TO GO.

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The final post at TSB is up. Digital Viking will reappear in its final installment as an offseason time killer, since we will have actual real football to write about next Friday, and that beats even the most inspired writing about getting drunk anyone can offer. (Which is not us, but is instead over at, but still.)

Cocktail hour commencing, and thus we are done for the week. 12 days to go, properly counted which we kind of were doing, but only if you counted the whole day leading up to a Thurday night kickoff, and that's only accurate if you suck at math< -----us.

So here is 12, skipping thirteen, seen here years past his college career, but in a photo that really should transcend any considerations about being a "college" photo or not. Number 12 had the magic stick wherever he went between Tuscaloosa and NYC, and needs no explanation or justification for his inclusion in this format.


We want to kiss you all for supporting EDSBS. Have a delightful weekend, and 100 COCKTAILS to you all.