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We gettin' wasted like them white boys. Celebrate, pop various bottles of champ, and then be sure to tweet about it: you may now, within reasonable limits, tweet away at SEC football games. Get down, Haverchucks of the world!

This is all an adjustment on the fly by Charles Bloom and the SEC burghers who, surveying the absurdities they had created with their new policy, had to tweak in order to prevent the shrieking of twitch-fingered media types. Now you may rest assured that if there are Chick-Fil-A sandwiches in the booth at the SEC Championship (and there always are) then you will be the first to know it via Twitter, or even better through our new Twitter competitor, the 30 characters only "" You still can't post eight minutes of SEC highlights in a row, but fair use and discretion will probably allow for sensible use of video as long as you aren't cutting it with porn. (If you are, you know our email, and be quick with it.)

Also we'd like to congratulate the SEC on their deep and thoughtful use of Walter Benjamin's theories on reproduction in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. English majors: we make the world make sense, but only when everything else has failed and lies smoking on the turf. (HT: Mashable.)

Under useless investigation: Bryce Brown, who like many other players had money raised for him to attend football camps, and who unlike many other players had a professional-type svengali coordinate his recruitment, meaning he gets an NCAA investigation to determine whether he's still an amateur, technically, and everyone else just gets to go on in a world where the NCAA is irrelevant and distant, like the emperor in Beijing when you're running guns on the edge of Tibet.

Yeah, that's where we went to high school. Treasure Island. You know what they say about Treasure Island, Jake.

Playerfluff, Big 12 edition. This repeats everything you may have ever heard about Todd Reesing: small, charismatic, laden with Kansas passing records...but fuck it. Marky M never lie, and Todd Reesing and his Economist-reading, cougar-grinding ass deserve all the pub he's going to get as a 5' 10" quarterback in the middle of the continent. Take the verbiage where you can get it, Todd.

We like the jetski. Notre Dame went to the lake to cool off this past weekend, and had to improvise to find an appropriate watercraft for Chris Stewart to tool around the lake in, because he was both too big for jet skis, and because the whales are the only ones who truly understand him.