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One of our minor-league fascinations right now is with Nevada qb Colin Kaepernick. There's little not to like about him: he plays in the funky pistol offense, he's at a respectable but out-of-the-way school, and he's a 6'6" ostrich of a runner with 4.8 speed who spies a read option beautifully, as he does in the clip below.

We like how the end stays home, but still seems shocked at how fast that thing with the helmet and pads carrying the ball moves past him anyway. In news seemingly designed to excite us personally in an extremely inefficient marketing campaign, NCAA designer Ben Haumiller confirms not only the smarter defenses seen in the demo, but that this year will be a stellar year for lanky freakboy running quarterbacks.

SP: What are some of the sleeper teams that you guys think could be tough on the game for those players who occasionally like to veer from their preferred school?

BH: If you are looking for a unique experience with a team that runs an offense you will only find in college, Georgia Tech is the way to go. The flexbone playbook received a huge overhaul this year, and there are a lot of plays that have been added this year that allow you to run the full flexbone style offense. Baylor is a school that a lot of people around the office have had fun using. Nevada is another fun school to use, the Pistol offense can be very effective.

Oh, that's the spot baby. Keep doing that. Yeaaaahhhhh, that. Protection? Not necessary with you, NCAA. We'll get together, make a baby, and call it Conquerpants Swindle. It'll be the most beautiful thing ever created.