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This edition will, for one day only, feature no discussions of the foregone conclusion of Lane Kiffin's sanity.

"We're the swim team." "Of course you are." Someone in an conference room said into a speakerphone: "Barry Switzer in a coach's shirt and holding a cup of Dunkin' Donuts coffee." And magic happens every day now:

Pick up Petunia!

Like Greg Robinson winning a football game at Syracuse, it only happens twice a year, but when it does it is massive. Cake Rocks the Party may only post twice a year, but it's nice when they do, especially with all 119 teams covered in a single breathless post, with Air Force setting the hook.

Air Force: WATERGATE BLOODLINES ALERT! #1 receiver on the Depth Chart Kyle Halderman is a distant nephew of Nixon Chief of Staff H.R. Haldeman. See? His family added the R to fool people into thinking that he doesn't have the taint of Watergate on him. But I know better.

The rest is just as tangentially entertaining, even if he is the first person in the history of the internet to match the word "meh" and "Tim Tebow."

True, sad, but still true. Scoff if you like--his name is still tattooed on your soul--but Steve Spurrier really is right about this: He's had the best four-year run at South Carolina in school history. It's been that bad in the present, yes, but it was far, far, far worse in the past.

FURTHER STEELE!!! His Monday blog ponders teams with three close losses who could improve at the margins for 2009 (See: Iowa,) and he made one of his 3,498 daily radio appearances to talk Navy football on Scout's Midshipmen podcast.

As Bill put it: It's warm body time at BC.