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Tennessee's started. Kiffykins is leashed. Tennessee's spring practices have started, and the only person on the depth chart with a spot is Eric Berry. (Who says Monte Kiffin is the "Google of defense.") So...nothing's changed, really, aside from tempo, style, the pre-game donut orgy, and the head coach being tethered to a jungle gym during most of the practice.

Oh, and that's just not something he would say. Of course not!

Don't laugh at Mule Day. Columbia comes strong with the mule-related festivities. Just look at that festivity there!

Malcontents named Orson. Georgia commit Orson Charles says Florida's recruiting effort was "horrible." Charles also changed his number from Terrell Owens' 81 to seven because...

But when he transferred to Plant his senior year, he switched to No. 7, because "God created the earth in six days, and rested on the seventh," Charles said. He also had the best season of his life, catching 75 passes for 1,421 yards and 21 touchdowns.

Good luck, other Orson.

17 kicks blocked. From the Feldblog: Boise State freshman DT Michael Atkinson blocked 17 kicks in his final two high school seasons. That was playing in Canada though, where people were either too polite to block him or gave him additional chances due to nice punts earning 4.5 points in wacky-ass Canadian football.

Because NFL scouts and evaluators are always right. By the numbers, both David Greene and D.J. Shockley outperformed Matt Stafford at the college level but HIM BIG HEAPEM QB FROW HRD FRST ROUND. Even if Stafford is a complete bust, he will have hornswaggled another NFL owner out of a huge signing bonus at the behest of scouts, and that is always a victory in our world. Get money, King Keg-cellent.