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Urban Meyer wants you to know that an attack on one costumed superhero lizard is an attack on all of them. Especially if it's on him.

Sentinel: Not sure if you’ve publicly commented about the Lane Kiffin controversy – does that maybe seem a little silly or humorous now in hindsight:
Meyer: "I didn’t find it humorous."

Sentinel: Not then, I’m sure, but perhaps now?
Meyer: "It’s not humorous. I can think of a few other words that I’m not going to say, but certainly not humorous."

Sentinel: Have you talked to Kiffin, or has he reached out and apologized:
(Meyer shakes head no).

Sentinel: For the fans, though, that certainly adds a little spice to the rivalry
Meyer: "I’m not going to comment on it any more than I just did. I guess you could say that."

He's going to pull a Comedian on the Vols in September. Slow-motion glass-exploding and everything. [/nerdgasmoverWatchmenconcluded.] will buuuuuuuurn...