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Does this mean he's seen the golf cart? Dennis Erickson, Arizona State University coach and raconteur, imbiber of fine malted beverages, and coaching legend, on bloggers:

"I don’t pay any attention to those chat boards," says Erickson, proving his point with the fractured nomenclature of the computer-challenged. "They’re so ridiculous. Some of my assistants look at them, and the stuff people write ... I tell them, ‘Why would you guys ever read those things? Those people don’t count.’

We have no idea what he's talking about here.

Dennis Erickson, seen here driving a golf cart into a volcano at the 2013 Hawaii Bowl.

Thank you for coming to this meeting gentlemen. Now fuck off and listen. The Mountain West's proposal for a playoff went smashingly. Smashingly could describe a 747 full of orphans crashing into a hospital and bursting into flame.

Matt Hayes was on the call. He records this bit of fun:

As the call wound down, one of my astute colleagues plainly asked, "Gentlemen, can you have this without the Rose Bowl, Pac-10 and Big Ten? Because historically, this has been a non-starter with all three."


A few seconds later, MWC commissioner Craig Thompson -- a sharp guy who has done wonders for the league but has been put in this untenable situation by eager league presidents -- stepped in and said what we already knew.

"No," Thompson flatly answered.

So, it is official: your insanely improbable playoff proposal, no matter how cracked it might really be, no matter how awful, it can't be any worse than what the Mountain West just proposed, actually presented to an audience of sorts, and then had holes shot in it. We're all bloggers. Some people just don't know it.

And if all else can just start tossing subpoenas around and screaming anti-trust. If it goes as well as other Mountain West-oriented lobbying efforts, it will start with the Utah attorneys urinating on the judge's bench.

He's just passionate, that's all. Joe Tresey, Cincy's defensive coordinator who left earlier this year because of creative differences with Brian Kelly, has taken up with Jim Leavitt in Tampa as USF's new defensive coordinator. Thus ends USF's long search for a defensive coordinator and the ceaseless wondering about who was going to put Leavitt on his hyperactivity restraint leash when he gets into a pack of twizzlers and becomes just a bit too excited about towels being left on the floor of the locker room after practice.

When Keepin' It Real Means Keepin' It Teriyaki Lemon Peppery. Texas A&M holds their Pro Day, but first let's do some meet and greet at Wings 'N More, people, where we may eat like proper Christians.