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For the record: Yes, there's that.

If you're a normal person whose soul has not been cauterized and partially removed from your body, you are either wincing or vomiting at the sight of Patrick Edwards' leg bending where it shouldn't: right in the middle of the shin, to be exact. If you are a lawyer, then your genitals should be swollen with excitement over the massive, world-crushing lawsuit to follow this injury resulting from a negligently placed band equipment cart.

Segue: Further Grinding Gears of the Law. Texas A&M just settled one of the lawsuits surrounding the bonfire disaster of 1999 for $2.1 million, but pending suits against the crane operator involved and others still sit unsettled nine years later.

He sounds comfortable. Bo Pelini sounds snuggle-soft secure for the moment:

Has athletic director Tom Osborne given him any advice about what to do in Saturday's game?

"He told me to win the game. He told me if I don't win, I'm fired," Pelini joked at his weekly news conference Tuesday.

Before this year, we had no idea Bo Pelini could have "fun." We just assumed he beat up caribou in his spare time and had staring contests with floodlights just to test his mettle. Now, if this and practice contests are any indication, he's playful/scary, not just the obligatory coach-scary.

Pointing and nodding appreciatively. Cornelius Ingram, recovering from ACL surgery, actually shagged a few balls at Florida practice this week in civvies. In an irony-free moment, we would like to say this is nothing but a good thing. We point and nod in your direction, CI.

No ulterior motives. Randy Shannon wants you to watch Georgia/Florida, not the Miami Hurricanes. You twist our arm, sirrah!