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For the record: Deliverance was filmed in Rabun County, Georgia.

Don take mah gunz you turr-rist Te-blow lovin' Gayturd! Get it? GAY-turd ARP ARP ARP!

That was a bit awkward. Ty Willingham got his awkward on at the press conference announcing his resignation effective at the end of the 2008 season. From the AP:

Willingham took his normal place at his weekly news conference on Monday, then flatly announced: "We have come to a decision that at the end of the 2008 football season they will move in another direction with the head football coach at this university..."

When asked if this was his decision, the stone-faced Willingham said, "Uh, no."

It's good when you include the "uh" for effect. The name we can and can't understand that is mentioned here is Gary Pinkel, who coached at UW but who also has a program he single-handedly resurrected at Mizzou. He'll likely use the UW job to renegotiate a more lucrative contract and nothing more. Lane Kiffin, you just tango on out there for all to see. (Gary Barnett! Tanned! Rested! Available!)

Make it rain, T. Boone. T. Boone throws a little more cash on the pile, and might spend fifty stacks if the white girl asks him.

Rudy Carpenter is not Mr. Popularity. Arizona State is burning up on re-entry into the Pac-10 schedule's atmosphere, losing by 34 to Oregon. Audible considerations on hiring Dennis Erickson, taking Rudy Carpenter over Sam Keller, and all the other what-if considerations of a program in a midlife crisis follow.

Les Miles looks inward, meditates in mountainside hut. Coach Balls admits he may have deceived himself about the ability of Jarrett Lee to pick up the offense where Matt Flynn left off, but LSU's inexperienced, flaming, and screaming-on-the-ground-rolling secondary is also a serious issue.