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Men With Balls is in stores today. Go buy it for any number of reasons: because you find diagrams of bent penises funny, or because you appreciate a good autoerotic asphyxiation joke as much as the next person, or because you pity Drew's children, who will have to support their father, sans pension, retirement fund, or liver, in his old age and after his premature death from gout at the age of fifty-three.

It really is superior bathroom reading, and was actually written to be digested in the exact length of a single average bowel movement. For Drew, who subsists entirely on Trader Joe's snack foods and other foofy white person foods, these are violent, explosive episodes, so they might be shorter than you think, depending on your diet.

Buy here, buy often, and if you're a Georgia fan, be sure to hide it when your pastor or mother comes around, or you'll go to hell, because there are bad words and evolution 'n stuff in it!