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We review the plan for undefeateds around the nation for the rest of the season, and whether they'll they'll limp or roar to the finish line of the regular season. First: Texas.

Undefeated: Texas.

Current aroma: Sexy, leathery, and laced with the smoky edge of a team at full combustion after beating Oklahoma and Missouri back-to-back, with a hint of civet to give them that special note of ass, both kicked and hot.

That which has made them strong: Plaudits fail when discussing Colt McCoy's accuracy this year: 81.2% on completions for the year, and not always of the easy three-yard sort, either: his high, perfectly thrown pass into semi-double coverage against Missouri to Malcom Williams was no prayer, but instead a laser-guided rocket thrown only where Williams could catch it.

It was a throw over double coverage, the kind of toss you only attempt if testosterone is squirting in whole drops from your eyelids, so balls-out confident are you. Drop as many as you like right now: with Shipley and Cosby quite literally beating people up for an extra three yards per play, you'll throw into triple coverage if you think it'll work. (And right now, it probably would.)

Like the other undefeateds, the execution has meant little change in the game plan for victory: pinpoint passing by McCoy opening up the run game for Chris Ogbonnaya, who emerged from the backfield muddle to averge 6.5 yards an attempt and turn the Longhorns into a steady, bleeding gouger of an offense.

The agricultural implement best describing their awesomeness right now: A thresher: steady, filled with blades, and on track barring disaster.

That which might make them weak: Aside from events of near-biblical malice like the smiting of Colt McCoy? McCoy's likely due for a day when he can't hit the broad side of a barn, which would mean that the Texas defense--improved to 39th nationally in total defense--would have to tighten up the 111th ranked pass defense. (A stat skewed by having already faced Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel.) The Big 12 comes down to holding serve, and if you miss a few easy drop shots as qbs are wont to do from time to time, then any match can turn into a loss.

Remaining teams who could plausibly do this: Oklahoma State, Kansas, and Texas Tech. Definite and noted advantage over Texas Tech: no need to pull kicker out of stands.

Suggested adjustment to counter innate team weakness: Aside from practicing pass interference penalties, we suggest Brian Orakpo begin throwing entire defenders at opposing quarterbacks. Todd Reesing may not want to see Sergio Kindle thrown through the air at a shrieking Todd Reesing, but we sure as hell want to see this, and if you can power clean 380, heaving a 230 pounder ten feet through the air should be easy cheese for the Texas Beef King himself.