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CURIOUS INDEX, 10/15/2008

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Perhaps he's just doing a traditional dance. Backup Illini quarterback Eddie McGee was arrested over the weekend for allegedly knocking a woman to the floor during a dance, capping off Illinois' raucously successful Homecoming Weekend in which the football team lost to the formerly ghastly Minnesota Golden Gophers.

In all fairness to McGee: he could have just been performing a traditional Bezistani dance, making the whole thing a side-splitting instance of cultural misunderstanding!

Your latest completely specious rumor of little verified truthiness: Gruden, Tennesee, up to Saban-level money. you didn't not hear it here not all yes no. This makes perfect sense because Tennessee has done so well with the West Coast Offense this year under Dave Clawson that it would be really cool to watch this happen again, but with a coach who costs almost twice as much as the current coach. As a Florida fan, this simply must happen.

Mike Gundy, Married Guy. Mike Gundy knows his married guy-fu to the letter. Impressive skills, those.

There's lots of different kinds of pie. Sweet potato pie, T1 Fracture pie... Walk on Michigan football player Mike Milano made a perfect form tackle on Michigan hockey defendermanplayer Steve Kampfer, taking Kampfer out for the rest of the season and piquing the interest of Michigan football coaches who see what he is doing there, and like it. Milano performed some variation of a bodyslam on Kampfer in a fight, resulting in serious damage to the hockey player, and who will not be back for the third period just because he is a hockey player:

He said Kampfer ended up with a cracked skull and T1 vertebra and is in a head and neck brace. …

The bodyslam may seem excessive, but lacking teeth or concern for his person, the only logical solution in dealing with a hockey player in a fight is to completely incapacitate them or divert them with flares and other bright lights.

Peanut butter will work, too. Washington State, who lost 66-13 to Oregon State, has its fans seeking desperate measures to cope with a season in the depths.

5:49 p.m. – Take shot of Monarch. I can’t seem to find a chaser. 5:50 p.m. – Discover canned whipped cream makes a decent chaser.

This is how civilization advances: one tiny step of discovery at a time. It also goes faster if you find a lot of gold and trade with other civilizations, and then you hop right quick to the nukes and start kicking some serious ass at that point.