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OR NOT! In the Alphabetical this week are extremely inaccurate predictions about how the voters would handle Alabama's bye week, a tribute to the JV Steve Smith who made 'Q' easy this week, a spam quesadilla, Mike Leach's tribute to Sharon Stone...

“it was sorta like Sharon Stone said after a movie she made…no guts no glory”...

...and your reminder that a scrimmaging Georgia Tech team nearly got taken to overtime by Gardner-Webb, a school so small it needs a hyphen just to get by in this harsh world. Since we can't find their fight song, "Academy Fight Song" by Mission of Burma will have to do.

If there's one thing to remember here, it's this: I'm not judging you, I'm judging me.

Fuck yeah! Some fans had issues with the additional seating added to the Cotton Bowl for the Red River Gunplay Involving Massive Blood Loss, Genocide, and Other Nasty Side Effects From Being Perforated By Flying Metal--namely, their asses were self-admittedly too fat to fit in the seats.

The Texarkana resident admitted that Fair Park's revamped Cotton Bowl was "pretty," but said the 16,000 additional seats not only made it difficult to see, but also to breathe.

"It's too tight to sit down," she said. "Come on, this is America. We aren't little people. We are fat."

I'm not judging you, I'm judging me.

The role of linemen tonight shall be played by a freshman. Tony Barnhart thinks Georgia's eating its own ambitions with penalties, Blutarsky thinks this is crap, and we're inclined to agree since a lot of really good teams rack up huge penalty yards on the way to obliterating lesser teams. (Or while your dapper linebacker demonstrates his punting skills after returning an interception for a touchdown.) Georgia has larger issues, however: they're down to their fourth-string left tackle, and as awesome has Stacey Searels has been at plugging and playing with different offensive linemen, this has to add up sometime to a net loss in performance.

Ten unbeatens left. Yes, yes: This will all turn out well. Consider that the same article suggests that a Josh Freeman performance was "Heisman-worthy," and then reapply salt of skepticism.

Auburn needs to pick a qb, That's how you write a headline, folks.