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Revisit your choice of words. The Wannstache triumphant: 26-21 over USF in Tampa, overcoming Glitter Man, Singlet Guy, and the other collection of future supplemental oxygen users who populate the Tampa Bay area to win a crucial Big East game and hurt the aspiring Bulls in their chances to make a BCS bowl.

Matt Grothe on the loss: "It sucks."

LeSean McCoy was muscular enough--142 yards and 2 TDs, including a charge late for a score that nullified a late USF score to make it 21-20--but the USF offense helped, auto-destructing with penalties and only gaining 245 yards on the night. Not that the USF defense helped late, and considering how well they're paid to do what they do and all:

"I told the defense when we went out there: This is what we get paid for," said linebacker Tyrone McKenzie, who had a game-high 15 tackles.

Someone's getting fired for this. Pitt's Big East status may indeed be raised slightly by this, but that's a temporary thing at best given the past erratic trajectories of Wannstache Pitt teams.

They charge Starbucks on free coffee day, too. (At least the non-Mormons do.) Utah fans charged the field after their 31-28 win over Oregon State. Oregon State led 28-20 with 2:18 left, but then read the 2008 Mountain West/Pac-10 Ownership Act and complied with said legislation: four plays, score, run run run time outs, and then game winning field goal drive.

Block U has video and requisite but enthused wows and video.

Sliding toward Stephens. The Tennessee qb competition is slouching toward Nick Stephens, or at least that's what we'd read out of the tea leaves of a "hey, we don't know who's gonna start" announcement from the coaching staff. Johnny Majors commented on this by saying "Hrrgnnngghhh," and falling off his front porch swing awkwardly at 9:15 p.m. He was helped to bed by family members and local press.

You'll start, but then I'll pull you, and then start you again. Spurrier's starting Chris Smelley this Saturday because he's "better mentally prepared" than Steven Garcia...for an inevitable benching, re-insertion, rebenching, and then work as a receiver on a failed trick play in the 3rd quarter. South Carolina qbs: the Lean Cuisines of college players, since you heat them, take them out, stir them up a little bit, put them back in, then let them sit there to cool off before eventually devouring them and moving on to the next one.

Nasty preppies. The Georgetown/Colgate game for Saturday has been cancelled due to an outbreak of norovirus, a classic example of containment policy from the Hoyas, though there's much debate about whether this policy will work, or whether they should engage the norovirus head on, or whether they should go bomb the shit out of a totally unrelated country just for the hell of it. Oh, and preppies are nasty: norovirus is a stomach bug that results from fecal contamination.