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The evening's agenda:

SWINDLE: Atlanta, watching Jacksonville State @ Georgia Tech live and NC State @ South Carolina via ESPN360.

HOLLY: Los Angeles, watching Troy @ Middle Tennessee State via GamePlan and NC State @ South Carolina on ESPN.*

Neither, regrettably, will be in Denver wooing Ana Marie Cox...although I'm closer, Swindle. Just saying.

Were we That Sort Of Blog, this is the point at which we'd call you some sort of collective brotherhoodish nickname ("Rampant and Unapologetic SEC Bias Nation, PUTCHA HANDS IN THE AAAYYYYR!!!1!!") and offer to race you to the comments for the commencement of geographic roll-call, drink choices du soir, and unseemly insinuations about your relationships with your mothers. We remain, however, cool and aloof as jungle cats (and just as shiny), and will merely inform you, as any well-bred hostess would, that the open thread below is available for any and all of the above needs. Go on, now.

*Also on the agenda: Frequent and vehement cursing of Time Warner SoCal for appalling nonexistence of ESPN360 availability in LA, denying me the Return of El Perrilloux. Get bent, sirs.