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Ron Price says Kansas State qb Josh Freeman could be the number one draft pick in the NFL in 2009. Ron Prince says this is based on actual sources.

Kansas State football coach Ron Prince has said that should Josh Freeman lead the Wildcats to a banner-winning season, the junior quarterback could go No. 1 in the 2009 National Football League Draft.

Prince says, "That's what NFL people tell me."

By NFL people, he obviously means his good friend Sourdough out in San Francisco.

I'm seeing first round here, Ron. No, my mouth doesn't move when I talk.

But you know, Sourdough likes 'em kind of big like Freeman. He's just bearish that way.

Freeman is 9-11 as a starting quarterback, allegedly came into camp last year weighing 594 pounds, and is probably best remembered for helping Quentin Groves make money. But he's got the physical stats! Lemme get out mah checkbook OOOOWEEEEE!!! The people who run the NFL are brilliant. The people who pick the players are spotty, and use arbitrary and silly criteria in determining who gets drafted. This is further proof of the latter statement, and the continuing cashkkake that is the NFL is proof of the former one.