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Now let's keep this all in perspective we kid go crazy overboard bonkers. Nick Saban goes ahead and sends Alabama fans flying from their comfortable home in the deliriumsphere and into the Van Allen Belt of Pandeleirum by openly and publicly saying incoming freshman/pogo ninja Julio Jones has been one of the Tide's best receivers in fall practice. We know and trust that Alabama fans will respond to this news in a measured and rational manner.

Julio ain't got these, though. If NCAA 09 has the math in line, Ben Tate is going to make Jones' hops look like mere skips. I do box jumps on a bank!

That's not a glitch. That's just part of the magic Tony Franklin and his enchanted wristbands can work on an offense.

Knit one, pearl one. Tennessee gets Brandon Warren, most impressive TE transfer from Florida State, approved by the NCAA to play this year. HUZZAHS! and possum jerky all around. Circle of life tells you your Ace set will have to wait, because UT's other tight end, Jeff Cottam, has back surgery and will be out 6-8 weeks. HUZZAHS! revoked, but keep possum jerky.

Purdue receives no such balance in their news. Purdue loses starting running back Jaycen Taylor for the year with an ACL. Not that Purdue uses this "running back" you speak of, but still.

Still more tales of human frailty. Micah Kia, one of three surviving members of the species known as UCLA linemen, broke his hand on a FG block attempt in practice and is "probable" for the opener against Tennessee. The following sentence will break your logic box. Give Rick Neuheisel points for candor:

“We're past ‘overly concerning,' ” Neuheisel said. “On that Ouija board of concerning, we're past, ‘overly.' Yeah, this is concerning, no question about it.”

The only solace for Bruins fans is that USC continues to rack up injuries, as well. Running back C.J. Gable suffered ankle and hip strains from a hit he took on a running drill, and is labeled as generically questionable.