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Don't watch this whole thing, but like a particularly fishy drink at a particularly fishy bar, please dip your finger in it, taste the GHB, and then cease consumption.

OPS found this, and he has his own endorsement of its daring. We'd like to offer a dissenting opinion on this and suggest that setting Creed's "Arms Wide Open" to the breath-seizing grace of one of the greatest football players of all time in motion is comparable to:

---"Hey, that Van Gogh you have? I improved it by adding my initials to it using a barbecue scraper and my own feces."

---"You know what would make this romantic evening of breathtaking lovemaking perfect? DUTCH OVEN!"

---"You know what would go with that grey suit and those killer Ferragamos, baby? Your monthly battle panties worn on the outside of your skirt."

---"I love your script, but I've built in a little part for my close personal friend, David Caruso."