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Les Miles' hurricane plan is probably pretty audacious. You might just pack the family into the car, stock up on some Aquafina from the nearest ravaged convenience store, and gas up on the way out of town. Miles wouldn't settle for that. No, he'd leave some element of chance in, like taking a lawnchair tied to 300 enormous yellow and purple balloons and just seeing where the wind takes him. (In 2007, it would have landed him directly in the middle of a pile of taffy and cash if last season's amazing Vegas streak translates to amateur aeronautics.)

In this PSA for hurricane awareness, the camera comes in from a fade, as if you're blind drunk or asleep and BAM! Miles in your house, lecturing you about hurricane planning. (Louisiana joke here.) He then does some passable cue card work, but what caught our eye was the play drawn up on the board.

Correct, junior coordinators: that's a fake field goal. Steve Spurrier just shanked a five-iron at the mention of that.