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He's losing his edge. Steve Spurrier didn't cast his traditional vote for Duke at #25 this year because Grant Teaff, head of the American Football Coaches Association, asked him not to.

The kids are coming up from behind...and they are giggling, which caused Spurrier to dismiss his team from practices yesterday. It's not his fault, though, as he is the diminished Korean-cloned form of 2002 Spurrier, after all.

Morgan Trent did not run a 4.13. Brian handles it with sharp skewers of skepticism, The Wiz thinks it's bullshit, and we concur, being an expert 40 runner with a blazing time of 6.09.

We will say this, however: he did run down Harvin in the Capital One Bowl, and if you are so fast you can even be confused with running a 4.13, then you are grotesquely fleet no matter the wiggle room in the time. It's a bit like asking whether you can squat 1000 pounds or 1020 pounds--if you're in the neighborhood, even a vague measure means you're in the top 99.99999 percent of human capability in your particular department.

Joel's 20 Coolest Logos focus on our favorite kind, the sort that look like they're seconds from leaping from the 2-D and killing you in a mascot-appropriate fashion. Big Al on the Alabama "A" does look like he should be named "Stampy" in another life.

Bush, still burning. Reggie Bush may yet be pronounced retroactively ineligible for the 2004 and 2005 seasons, meaning forfeited games for USC and...yes, that's right, nothing at all for Bush save a possible revocation of the Heisman, since it can only go to the best eligible player in the nation. And that can only help his pro career, really.

Phil Steele will be popping a piece up on his website explaining “FIVE Reasons Why Georgia Will NOT Finish #1 This Year," This will LIKELY involve power rankings and will be JAMPACKED with stats. (HT: Blutarsky.)