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Somali 1975 Barry Switzer thinks you've gone soft, son.

We sometimes think of the Big 12 as the sister conference to the SEC, and for a number of very good reasons. They, too, care a lot about football, sometimes to the point of ripping each others testicles off. Their constituency, like SEC fans, often exhibit social behaviors that cost them teeth, houses, sobriety, and most painfully, their cable television. (Read: both trashy.) And most importantly, they're the only conference that can actually (in a vestigial fashion, at least) trump the academic skullduggery of SEC schools.

(Also, Big 12 fans lack teeth in numbers almost comparable to SEC fans, and are second in terms of college football fans and their frequency being seen on television running shirtless down dirt roads with a police spotlight on them. They're first in being interviewed after tornadoes, but lag in being interviewed after tornadoes while shirtless.)

Yet, there are some differences at the root of things between the conferences. Like, say, the issuance of apologies between schools in the short matter of a few years over past conflicts. Oklahoma is holding a ceremony this year to commemorate the "Game of the Century" in 1971, which if you watch on ESPN Classic is actually one of the few vintage games that will grab a modern viewer by the shorthairs and force you to watch it. (It looks like the Ragnarok of football games, a hard-pounding contest under grave, apocalyptic skies between two teams hitting each other very, very hard.)

The Game of this Century in question: the 30-3 dishumiliarrassment of Nebraska by Oklahoma, the same one where Bill "Fucking hillbillies" earned his nickname buy calling Oklahoma fans "fucking hillbillies." This created "bad blood" between teams, which for some reason is...a problem?

Just look at the intro, for Switzer's sake:

The last time Nebraska played at Owen Field, atypical bad blood spoiled the night.

Bad blood is...atypical? Do not...grok. As an SEC fan, we consider wanting opposing kickers to be thrown head first into whirling helicopter blades to be a mere start on enmity, not a problem to be corrected. We also think your books on dinosaurs are charming, as they clearly fall for the tricks Satan has played on you and your "scientists." (Kansas, you're feeling us here. We know it. You're like Cobb County with corn and half as many people, baby.)