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CURIOUS INDEX, 4/30/2008

The obstruction shall not be televised. Today's the last chance to change anything with the BCS in their meetings in Florida today, and no one will, even though Mike Slive will propose the plus-one scenario today. It's not that Jim Delany is the only one opposing change: he's just enough of a public asshole to enjoy rubbing it in the faces of anyone caring to watch.

In an insightful and impressive display of arrogance during Tuesday's BCS meetings, Delany left little doubt who's the pit bull and who's the Chihuahua when it comes to the college football postseason.

Non non ne regrette rien...

Never mind. We don't need a playoff, actually, because we already have a champion with two losses under the current design. (Ducks thrown iron kettle filled with jambalaya.)

Speaking of thrown objects......the Orgeron's departure left Ole Miss coaches looking for work, including Art Kehoe, whose longest jobless stint prior to this was two hours out of 26 years.

Welcome to the job. Washington State gets done et by the penalties of a low APR. Paul Wulff, welcome to the wonderful world of big league nanny-coaching!

The Army's okay with Caleb Campbell leaving to play in the NFL, and has made allowances for him by having him work as a recruiter in the off-season, among other duties. Campbell's not deserting his post, but we do wonder if the Army has equal tolerance for someone who, for example, pulls down a sweet job as a patent attorney just after they complete their training.

Petty theft, dismissed. On Preston Parker of FSU, who still faces a serious gun charge. Taking bets on what the $9.99 DVD was: our money's on Silkwood.