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Yeah, sure, you were about to say something. But fuck that shit: IT'S MARIO KART FOR THE WII, MOTHERFUCKERS!!!

More violent that GTA IV. And the roadside hookers in Mario Kart? Far more alluring than the meth-hounds you bang in GTA, especially because they're Japanese, and therefore disturbingly kinky and capable of morphing into blue tentacled fuckbeasts at any time.

Perhaps Columbia has an open date on their schedule. Notre Dame, rebuffed by Rutgers in an attempt to move their proposed six game series to the Meadowlands for "home" games for the Scarlet Knights, makes the New York Times sassy. And we warned you: you won't like them when they're sassy.

How humble of Notre Dame to have visited Ronald Reagan in the Rose Garden at the White House on Jan. 18, 1989, resisting all temptation to call for a meeting at a neutral site more to its grandiose liking.

Ooooooh, Notre Dame you got done EXTERMINGUISHINFLAMMANATED by that one! The writer also points out Notre Dame has lots of fans in the northeast, explaining why the Irish may be making eyes at Syracuse for a new series, presumably played in a custom blue and gold painted Carrier Dome with the Irish spotted seven points to start in the first quarters. (Against Syracuse's offense, that might do it.)

We'd like to tell you that you can start immediately. Because here at UCLA, our quarterbacks should have had their knees injured in a plane crash, see, but they never got on the plane, and now the Ghost of Knee Death is stalking them all. Seriously: please come to school early. Laters, Rick Neuheisel. (Apologies: that's COACH Rick Neuheisel, until he loses eight games.--ed.)

It's like Georgia Tech, but with the possibility of having sex as an undergrad. Taylor Bennett, last year's starter at qb for the Yellow Jackets, transfers to Louisiana Tech. Paul Johnson is looking like a coach with extraordinarily blunt player relations skills, and we don't mean that in a bad way:

"He told me what his plan was and where I fit in and what he saw me doing and that didn't look like something I was interested in," Bennett said. "I thank him for being honest with me."

"Son, you cain't run. And you cain't pass. And I plan on runnin', and sometimes passin'."

"Ruston it is, then!"

Roll, Tide! As in, "please, Tide, roll the urine the young lady just deposited in the Gulf away from my feet."