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Is Army going to run the bone? And if they are, as this article guesses, will they have the brutal downfield blocking demostrated by these young gridiron warrior/poets?

We encourage this move and support its existence heartily. Especially the three-card monte handoff fake sequence on run plays. That never fails to crack us up.

UCLA ditches a whole practice, causing outrage generators everywhere to spike. Brian Dohn of the L.A. Daily News starts:

Rather than continue the process of learning a new offense and working toward improvement, UCLA's football players, led by its senior class, elected to blow off Tuesday's practice.

Or Brian Grummell over at Das Fanhaus:

In one swift act, Neuheisel willingly undermined himself before his players, his coaches and the lifeblood of any program: recruits. Nice work.

Oh, and that's just about the most pathetic school tradition I've ever heard of. The NCAA limits the hours and number of practices schools can arrange, so for UCLA to be wasting a practice like that is troubling.

Gutty Little Bruins didn't seem to care--deeming the whole thing "AWESOME"--
while the reasoned, level heads over at Bruins Nation express deep feely hurt and disappointment at the seniors who kept the Ditch tradition alive while remaining convinced that COACH Rick Neuheisel will fix the culture at UCLA.

In all of this, we're reminded that Jim Grobe at Wake Forest didn't even use all of his allotted days of spring practice last year. Oh, and Neuheisel may petition the NCAA to get that practice day back. Good luck explaining that one, counselor.

Pat White will get the push as a Heisman candidate from the West Virginia coaching staff. No pressure, sir.

Mark Sanchez officially gets the nod as the starting qb at USC. Shelley Smith just awoke and switched into stalk mode, tapping mutely at the glowing electrodes in the side of her head and rising from her rest pod somewhere beneath Bristol.

Brennan Carroll, Office Special Teams Coach. It's OPS on that Tussin, or something like it. He doesn't have a whistle, he just says whistle.