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That bear: it eats pizza. And sometimes coaches.

Art Briles used to coach at Houston and win games. He now coaches at Baylor, where he will--for one year at the least--lose tremendous amounts of football games. Briles is no rube: he's clawed his way up from the petri dish in his coaching career, starting as an assistant at a high school and working his way alllllll the way up the coaching ladder. This will make and keep someone very, very humble, and Briles' quote about spring practice certainly oozes that:

“First of all, we didn't get anyone injured; that was our number one goal,” said Baylor head football coach Art Briles.

They've gone 7-33 the past five years, meaning they've had "not getting anyone injured" as the mission statement for a while now, coach. We are just discussing spring practice here, and we wouldn't want to unfairly excerpt him. (We never do that.) Briles did get financial candy to move to Waco--a 1.8 million dollar contract will do that--but we wonder what kind of naked BASE-jumping while wrestling over a single chute with a Spetznaz assassin does Briles indulge in? The Baylor job is straight fiendish danger for coaches and their careers; Guy Morriss, calling from a high school, would like to reinforce this point vigorously.