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This veil of reality, it is but a mist few may see through, a trifling rush of wind through the bamboo. The hurry-up offense is but a trick of the mind, merely a normal offense seen through the prejudice of your paltry perceptions of time. The freshman All-American guard you see? He was a fullback all along, and you just did not see it, so preoccupied were you with the chaos of the moment.

I lift not the weight; instead, it lifts me.

And that lonely vandal who defaced the multipurpose bubble...just a blind spirit who didn't get good parenting, man.

Hawkins confirmed the school’s new multi-purpose bubble was vandalized recently. A Buffs banner once hung on the east side of the bubble but someone recently scaled the bubble, swiped the banner and left several words in spray paint that has been washed off. “It was some kid that got cheated on love and disciplined by his parents,” Hawkins said. “I can guarantee you that.”

He feels for him, and forgives him. Such is the way of the master.