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Al. AL! Hey, someone nudge Al Groh and tell him someone's been arrested. Oh, sorry. We forgot that's what he looks like when he's awake. Your football players are stealing credit cards from lockers at UVA, which is a great idea if you want the highest credit limits available on credit cards stolen from a public school locker room, but not so good in the morals, ethics, and getting arrested department.

U.Va. freshman J’Courtney Williams, a linebacker who redshirted last season, was arrested Monday by university police, Lt. Melissa Fielding confirmed this afternoon.

Williams, a Christchurch School graduate from Danville, was charged with one count of credit card theft, a felony, and one count of credit card fraud, a misdemeanor, Fielding said.

A U.Va. student “reported his wallet stolen from the Aquatics and Fitness Center,” Fielding said, “and our investigation led us to Williams and another student.”

J'accuse, J'Courtney! Three points for the j'felony and one point for the j'misdemeanor get you four points in the Fulmer Cup for UVA on their way to Wahoo-ing their way into the midranks of the competition. It's a great testament to Al Groh's charisma that following a year in which they went 9-4 and finished second to Virginia Tech in the Coastal Division that the biggest buzz coming out of Charlottesville is...well, a guy with an apostrophied name stealing a credit card to pay for his account.*

*No evidence of this, but we definitely don't think he's a Suicide Girls guy or anything. And most definitely not a Burning Angel dude, either.