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Tennessee versus UCLA in LA: there's your Labor Day evening entertainment. That, and getting the cat drunk on cheap beer, of, Jeff Goldblum drunk.

(HT: Macenstein.)

Male or feeeeeemale! Idaho promises athletic dominance and ignores the transgendered in their promo song, produced as part of a fundraising campaign to boost the budget of the Vandals athletic program.

MP3 File

Idaho and rap: back together for the first time!

On blocks. Percy Harvin's going into the shop for the spring with all due haste: his heel injury is worse than anticipated, and as heel injuries tend to go has affected his knee and possibly his hip. An untreated heel injury is a mother: we didn't have knee problems until we seriously bruised our heel in a bike wreck, ran on it too soon, and then wobbled the whole leg out of alignment.

And we're not athletic. At all. A performance yardage machine like Harvin with a heel injury is worth calling in the out-of-state specialists in addition to Florida staff member Dr. Pete Indelicato, who has the most ironic of names for a sports medicine specialist.

Fresno State will play you and a squad full of bobcats in uniform, sir. Kansas State, despite promises of "aggressive scheduling," has booted Fresno State from the 2008 football schedule and replaced them with Montana State, who will surely show them the LIVING HELL OF BIG SKY FOOTBALL in person. Fresno State, nonplussed, picked up a game with Rutgers like it was nothing and soldiers on. Pat Hill ain't skurred, son--and he's got $250K from K-State for the schedule change, too. Which is nice.

Jahvid Best, the leading candidate for the instant NFL paycheck that comes with being the starting tailback at Cal, worked out in practice yesterday for the first time this spring. Best was wonky with a hip injury from last year but ran agility drills and cut on the injured leg with ease. Tedfordbot registered signs of pleasure at this news.