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The Big Board for this week, brought to you by Brian, who is hung like Reggie F'n Nelson.

The new charges, notes, and clarifications:

The Vols pick up two for Faison's DUI and continue to win the team award: five arrests in total only have them at the eight point mark, meaning they may be kings of the junk bond market, but in points alone they're trailing due to the spectacular tallies of Missouri and Illinois.

Oregon enters due to the weird charge of "running a drug house," a charge that must be from the civil code of Oregon or something since we've never heard it before. On paper, it merely looks like receiver Derrick Jones was arrested for contempt of court, so for the moment we'll assess the Ducks with a mere two points. If the charges blossom into something spectacular--JONES HAD LIVE TIGER, WORLD IS MINE NEON FOUNTAIN SCULPTURE IN DRUG MANSION--then we'll modify. For now, two points it is.

Note that Missouri and Illinois are up there for individual accomplishments, and so may both end up being Ellis T. Jones III candidates for individual achievement, not Fulmer Cup winners.