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Anonymous, like life, can be a bitch. At least that's what Anonymous themselves say, the group of hackers and other assorted internet desperadoes that are currently slashing up the Church of Scientology's servers and "hacking and spamming for Ron Paul." (WOOOOOOO! Gold standard up in this bitch, baby!)

Anonymous also trolls for those soliciting underage girls "Dateline: To Catch a Predator"-style, waiting in internet chat rooms and making life very difficult for those cruising for tail at Hannah Montana concerts. This week's edition of the show, poached off of, show an unidentified young recruit identifying himself as "NAUGHTYHUBBY" who, after hearing that his conversation partner is 13 years old, asks if she would like to "SUCK MY BIG BLACK 18 IN DICK," thus entering a heretofore unexplored country of sexual insecurity by claiming a penis not just twice, but three times average size.

No word on who the recruit is, if any action has been taken by authorities, or what the hell's going on with it. It's internet rumor of the most salacious kind. In other words: enjoy, in that "gawk-at-something-horrible" kind of way.

Another conversation between the recruit and the "cops" follows. Who knows if it's actually the police; we suspect it's not.