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Gainesville Sun, you are error.

Bloggers are irresponsible. Factless. Rife with innuendo and bleeding half-truths. Unbound by any ethic or rule, those rapscallions! Why, if I had half a mind I'd....

In a Thursday recruiting story, The Sun inaccurately reported that All-America wide receiver Julio Jones was sent home early from his University of Florida visit by the coaches and that Jones, who is from Foley, Ala., was recruiting for Oklahoma while he was in Gainesville.
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Sources confirmed Thursday that Jones, in fact, stayed for his entire visit and had not done any recruiting for another school. The Sun regrets the errors.

Good fucking night--error doesn't cover what a story accusing a player of recruiting for a rival school during the heated peak of handshake season is. Just trying to put together a comparable headline boggles the imagination:

On Wednesday, the Sun reported that Julio Jones stabbed Florida defensive coordinator Greg Mattison with a car key for misusing the "who/whom" combination in a sentence. Jones also did not kidnap four recruits and force them to sign letters of commitment to "The University of Satan" while threatening them with a grub hoe, nor did he commit unnatural acts of non-coercive simulated sodomy with a mailbox on 13th Street early Saturday morning. We regret the error."

Thanks for coming Juilo. The Gainesville Sun hopes you enjoy your time in Tuscaloosa or Norman.