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Now, we can't imagine a more perfect picture of feminine strength, vulnerability and power than this picture of Monica Jaramillo. Look at her: pensive, guarded yet curious, not starved within a few days of death, unbleached, unaltered, her beauty allowed simply to speak for itself. See, that's what we're talking about here: respecting a woman's dignity and sexuality simultaneously aren't necessarily mutually exclusive, men. You can appreciate beauty without all the leering, the catcalling, the denigration of our sisters in life. Do you really need bunda to get through the day, the callous excision of the soul and personality of a woman focused in one exploitative picture of a single commodified body part? Do you need to continue to enslave women with your eyes four thousand pixels at a time, brothers?

Um, yes? You do? Oh, well certainly then. Bunda after the jump, which as always is not work advisable.

Sofie Vergara.