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Vere are dee paperzz?!?!?! Rich Rodriguez took papers from his office on leaving the job at West Virginia, and because they could be technically called property of the state of West Virginia, he could be accused tenuously of taking state property when he took files from his office the day after the press conference announcing him as the new coach at Michigan.

Or you could view this as another straw grabbed in an increasingly vindictive little bitchfight between West Virginia, who's clearly not being the tasteful dumpee here. They've already made an ill-advised hookup here by sleeping with one of his friends and then deciding to shack up with him after one--count 'em, that's one--great night. And now they're drunk on Pinot Grigio and calling complaining about how you still have one of their CDs and that book Eat, Pray, Love, which just proves that you were never straight all along. It just ended up in your gym bag. You don't take prescription pills late and night and read it until you cry and fall asleep. Nope.

West Virginia: work with us now. Don't be a Bernadine in this situation.

Why's offensive coordinator Major Applewhite leaving Alabama? Because he wasn't really in control--Alabama offensive line coach Joe Pendry was, according to Kirk Bohls and every Alabama and Texas contact we've talked to in the past couple of days.

Norm Chow, out at the Titans, could be back in the Pac-10 at UCLA, something we would love, love, love, especially because Bruins Nation spent a good two weeks railing about what a crap coach he was despite twirling the knobs on the controls of some of the most mind-melting offenses in college football history. Screeding is fundamental!

Bobby Reid of Oklahoma State could return for his senior season, but not with the Cowboys. Reid, the wellspring of Mike Gundy's "I'M A MAN I'M 40!" rant, seemed poised for stardom after a superb 2006 season, but then fell off the map and only attempted 14 passes in the Cowboys' last eleven games before leaving the team briefly, returning, and then declaring for the draft. Reid could play at D-1AA with a waiver next season, or stick with his intentions to go into the draft. (See? Even Rivals isn't using the new terminology. And they're square, daddy.)

From the same article... Allen Patrick got a hold of a ton of Oklahoma stickers and gave his helmet a look Oklahoma should consider for one game. Like, say, if they played Ocean Pacific University at Ron Jon Surf Shop Stadium.