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Phil Fulmer's first candidate for offensive coordinator is not Mike Debord, but rather the head coach of the Richmond Spiders, Dave Clawson. Clawson turned around both the Fordham and the Richmond program, leading Richmond to an 11-3 record and to the Division 1-AA (new terminology be damned) title game semi-finals against Appalchian State. (Which they lost, but no shame in that. Transitively, so did Florida.)

If you're looking for a taste of what Clawson brings to the table as an offensive coordinator, Youtube's not helping much. Here's what we did find, notable for its peeks at what appears to be your standard, multiform offense in the Cutcliffe mode and some of the excellence you've come to expect from student broadcasting. At one point, he uses the phrase "SIKE!" We don't know whether to praise him for this, or push him from the parapets screaming.

(HT: Luke, Tom.)