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We recap the most malicious strokes of fate for 2007. Did you leave the iron on? Because that will burn your whole house down.

5. Whiff! Tackle! Fumble! Weeping! You've got the ball, you're down 14-13 in a tight ball game against a team with an iron deficient offense, and they're 1:24 left on the clock. What would shock the hell out of someone? Really finish the game off? How about a pass? WITHOUT PASS PROTECTION! BOLD!

We're not sure if the malicious stroke of fate in this case is Quentin Groves planting you face-first into the turf and causing you to fumble and losing the game for you or the offensive coordinator making this call in the first place. Either way, though, life hates you, and the tire blowout that sent you flying into oncoming traffic was no accident. Your mistake was showing up in the first place.

(Edited from the original. Our apologies for the usual errors.)