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New, 26 comments over at the Sporting Blog, thus forcing you to click there. Ha-ha! Asshole media synergy strikes! You can also check out our latest column over there, which is about how nothing changes in football until the Pac-10 and Big Ten get paid.

However, as an apology for being a media whore, we offer Brazilian bunda of the highest quality. Do not look at this on your Blackberry while driving, because you'll crash, then the cop will come to investigate, then he'll start looking at it, then other people will start pulling over to take a look, and pretty soon we're all drooling on the side of the road watching traffic pile up and not caring at all, so taken are we by the magical bunda.

Please: enjoy! And note that while there is no nudity, there is a picture of a woman with a very large but well-shaped ass in a thong, which is not exactly work-prudent if work-safe. So click after the jump with discretion, and enjoy your weekend.

Not bunda. Keep going.


Also Bunda.

Bunda au naturel