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The Sporting News just read that homicide rates went up by thirty percent in 2007 there, so they're sending us to New Orleans to cover the crowd and buildup to the national title game. So for the weekend you'll find us over at the Sporting Blog, where we'll be posting updates, photos, and hopefully pictures of drunk people fightin' round the world on Bourbon Street.

If you are going to the game please send us an email at harumphharumph of the gmail variety. We're looking to hang out with tailgaters from LSU, OSU, and anyone else who shows up to the Superdome. Not that you'll need any, but we'll buy you beer. Or you'll buy us beer. Or we'll just forget the whole thing and go straight to the ether and absinthe.

And now, Professor Longhair singing and playing "She Ain't Got No Hair." Enjoy your weekend